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Kaliyah Mosley
May 2023

Welcome to my portfolio!

Below I've showcased a couple of my projects for you to get a glimpse into my process and the work I've created. Click the hyperlinked text below to skip to whichever category interests you. Thanks for viewing!




My Process

First I familiarize myself with the business. I internalize the company's values, goals, and audience to get an idea of the business's personality. 

Then I research their audience and their industry to understand what their audience wants.

I choose fonts, colors, patterns and textures to present to my client that align with the voice the business wants to have.

Once the basic elements are set in place, I start to sketch or organize visually concepts for whichever graphics I have been tasked to create.

I deliver my concepts to the client and any revisions take place at this step. Upon final approval of the design I deliver to my client a design that meticulously showcases the businesses personality and reaches the heart of their target audience.



After I have a solid foundation of information I turn to my design knowledge to plan how I can represent the business visually.




Case Studies


Nix Glam

I had been doing my usual free website reviews on Facebook and after talking with this business owner we eventually got to work together. I had no idea of the benefit this project would bring. 


The client requested a complete rebranding to enhance the professional look of her business. We started by working on the internal coloring and fonts. After receiving her feedback on my design questionnaire and doing some of my own research, I presented her with some options. She was ecstatic about the final logo design and couldn't stop gushing about it, which made me over the moon. But, in reality, our work was far from done.


The Dive Deeper 


Some time passed and my client wanted me to work on her website. We were talking about her brand’s voice and she said “I want my brand to represent where I am from because my products are flavored of the Caribbean”.


Now I saw the deep importance of asking the right questions and solidifying internal marketing questions before even starting a design. This logo had nothing to do with the Caribbean so I redid her logo.

The Logo & Everything Before


We re-curated her whole branding starting from the colors and fonts and eventually redoing the logo. I loved the Kaelia font for her logo & branding because the arches in the characters reminded me of the arched buildings common in the Caribbean. The brand colors are meant to represent the colors close to the end of the sunset.