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Etsy Holographic Business Cards From Design to Print

Last month I was on the hunt for business cards, I didn't know what I wanted yet but while scrolling on Etsy I saw one listing that had holographic embossed business cards. I thought this looks really great, I'd love to get my hands on these!

This is the design I created using Illustrator I put my new logo and a swirly line using the pen tool.

After a few edits, I bought them. Thankfully I was able to use Klarna so that I could pay in installments, which made it a lot easier on my brain to see the money leave my account in pieces.

The variation I chose was the Raised Foil Business Cards 100 Foil 1 Side Velvet from the Dot4dotPrinting store on Etsy. Shipping took a little longer with the holiday season, around 2 weeks. I was amazed by the quality & detail of these cards. I loved to see my vision in real life.




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