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  • Because of the company's beliefs, DBK Media Company cannot work with companies that promote spiritual, political, sexual, or holiday-based items or businesses.

  • All copyrights are transferred to the client at the closing of the project, in the customer agreement I agree to transfer the copyright(s). 

  • It is currently free to consult once with DBK Media Company about doing graphic services. Kaliyah is available for various forms of communication such as a phone call, and or a video call on a platform such as Zoom to discuss project details. 

  • DBK Media Company has all customers sign a customer agreement so that both parties are aware of all policies and project details.

  • Most projects have a 2-4 revision rate, but please view the details of each project for more information. 

  • DBK Media Company asks for a 35-50% upfront deposit before starting a project to solidify the agreement. The deposit can be refundable based on the circumstances. If Kaliyah is unable to complete the project you will be eligible for a partial or full refund. If you no longer want Kaliyah's services AND work has been done it is up to DBK Media Company whether or not you will be refunded.

  • The remaining project payment is due at the closing of the project before any final files are sent. For projects that have midway payments, the payment is due halfway through the project's progress.

  • Work includes only the final, deliverable art, and not any preliminary work or sketches.

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