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My Process

1. The Brief ( Your Research)

First I will send you a questionnaire designed for me to get to know you ( the business owner ), the ideas you have for the future of your business, and what your business's style is. 

2. My Research

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3. Sketching

Using the information you provide about the style and vision of your brand; I will conduct my own research and present ideas for the colors, fonts, logos, and possible imagery in your branding. You will be able to pick between the options I showcase or if you want to go in a different direction, I can do a little more research to find what suits the brand best. 

This point is when I will start sketching ideas 

for your logo. I will present the proposed logo design concepts to you and you can give feedback on the concepts. We can tweak, edit and change things from there.

4. Vector Final

After the logotypes are decided on, I will export all of your logo files into a package and send it to you via Dropbox, email, or Google Drive.


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6 logo types

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Brand Style Guide

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PNG, SVG, EPS, JPEG file types & more

Logo Branding Suite
Logo Design



3 logos

Brand Mood Board

PNG, SVG, EPS, JPEG file types & more

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7-14 business day turnaround for all packages

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2-3 revisions

Payment Methods:


The prices listed on product pages are the starting prices. The price is subject to decrease or increase based on the amount of work involved in the project. You are encouraged to reach out and ask me for specific pricing for your project as everyone's needs are different. *DBK Media does not offer printing services.

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